Highlight Wednesday: Movie to Movement

For this week’s Highlight Wednesday, I wanted to share one of my favorite pro-life films, as well as the organization behind it.  Crescendo is an utterly beautiful short film, a breath of fresh air among all the corny, poorly-done “value” films.  It’s based on a true story, and powerful.  Even though it’s not a blog or website you can keep going back to, it’s so good that you’ll want to keep coming back to the single film, either to inspire yourself or to share with your friends.

The organization which produced it, Movie to Movement, is an awesome movement that supports pro-life films.  I would recommend following them on Facebook or Twitter, where you can get updates on what movies they are supporting and where they will be showing.  They also have a YouTube channel which you can subscribe to, and where you can watch Crescendo for free!

A quick notice, this short film is definitely PG-13, so don’t watch it with any little ones about.

Want to learn more about Movie to Movement and its founder, Jason Jones?  Here’s a really good interview you can read: Jason Jones Launched Movie To Movement To Move Hollywood Toward Positive Storytelling


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