A Lenten Offering

A few days ago I was kneeling in prayer.  I hadn’t fully settled on a Lenten penance yet, so I said, “Lord, what should I give up for Lent?”  At once, I heard His answer in the deepest part of my heart: “yourself.”


The idea profoundly changed how I see Lent.  I had never applied the familiar Lenten language of “giving up” to myself.  Yet now I see so much more clearly that the penances offered up throughout the season should signify the offering up of the heart.  It is amazing how much I try to give to the Lord, but then forget to give Him myself.  He has promised so many times that when we let go of who and what we think we ought to be, He will mold us into what we really ought to be.  Lent is the perfect time to renew the gift of self to the Lord, and allow Him to work in us.

May we all lose ourselves in sacrifice this Lent, and become a new creation at Easter.



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