Highlight Wednesday: The Crossroads Pursuit

I recently had the pleasant experience of, after discovering The Crossroads Pursuit’s website and blog, clicking through all of its blog posts and being amazed by each one.  Though several authors contribute, each post is well-written and filled with humor as well as reverence.  The common theme running through the blog is that Catholicism is not for the faint of heart.  It takes courage and fire; it takes virtue and action.  I heartily recommend this blog, especially to twenty-somethings who have been disillusioned by the internet culture and want more than mediocrity.

The Crossroads Pursuit Blog

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Highlight Wednesday: The Catholic Gentleman

Last time, I highlighted a website designed for Catholic women.  It only seemed fair that the guys got a shout out, too.  “The Catholic Gentleman” provides resources for men to live out virtuous lives while embracing their God-given masculinity.  Like “The Art of Manliness,” it gives general tidbits and how-tos on bringing back manliness in everyday life, but I like “The Catholic Gentleman” especially for its spiritual aspect.  It features sincere and powerful masculine spirituality, inspiring stories of Catholic men, and commentary on important subjects.  As its author, Sam Guzman, says: “Holiness is for men. There is nothing more difficult, rewarding, or manly than becoming a saint. The spiritual life is full of combat, struggle, hardship, and adventure…Catholic men are called to leave mediocrity behind and to strive for greatness.”

The Catholic Gentleman Website

Here are some sample posts:

The Cardinal Virtues: Fortitude

Spiritual Weapons: Three Hail Marys for Purity

And as a bonus:

The Official Catholic Beer Blessing

Highlight Wednesdays: Catholic Sistas

Catholic women have a funny habit of instinctively forming communities of support, love, and prayer.  “Catholic Sistas” isn’t so much a blog as it is a community of Catholic women living in the secular world.  It does have traditional blog posts, but it is also filled with resources, reviews, and even a place for prayer requests.  True, the site is aimed mainly at Catholic moms and homemakers, but I definitely have enjoyed and profited from the blog posts.  It’s awesome to see a site dedicated to promoting and supporting authentic femininity.

Check them out! Catholic Sistas

Here are a couple of sample articles as a taste of what they do:

Creating a Monastery in Your (Catholic) Homeschool in Ten Steps

A Call to Veil: The Mysterious Unfolds

Highlight Wednesday: Bad Catholic

Don’t let the title fool you as it once fooled me.  “Bad Catholic” (Marc Barnes) is a passionately orthodox blogger, spewing out philosophy and Chesterton quotes in ranting defenses of sanity.  Thoroughly reasonable and enjoyably satirical, Marc skillfully weaves his way through the most controversial of Catholic subjects.  He is one of those “Come for the jokes, stay for the insights” kind of bloggers.  “Bad Catholic” is a perfect read for young theologians and philosophers.

Bad Catholic Homepage

Sample posts:

Why Christianity is Far More Sensible Than Whatever You’re Doing Right Now

Masculine and Feminine Time

Highlight Wednesday: Catholic Stuff You Should Know

In January 2010, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged Catholics to use new forms of media for evangelization.  This podcast, Catholic Stuff You Should Know, is a concrete answer to that call, what the podcasters like to call, a “J10 Initative.”

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill evangelization of some enthusiastic people who don’t actually know what they are talking about.  It was started by seminarians (who are now new priests), and so many of the topics are fueled by what they learn in their classes and their ministries.  Each podcast is full of catholic “tidbits” and fun facts, all of the cool things that make being Catholic so great.  The presentations are fun, enthusiastic, but also deep.

You can subscribe to them here on itunes, and also check out their website here.

Here are a couple of podcasts to check them out!

The Examen Prayer

Bananas or Cupcakes?

Highlight Wednesday: Word on Fire

Father Robert Barron is my hero.  Now bishop-elect Robert Barron, he provides the absolute best resources for deep theology applied to our culture today.  He’s basically everything I want to be as a theologian: informed on the intricacies of theology and philosophy but also able to communicate it clearly to a world that needs to hear it.  I’m a huge fan!

He has lots of different formats for resources, so no matter what you prefer, he will most likely have it.  Blog posts, podcasts, YouTube, books, DVDs, audio cds, whatever you like best.  My personal favorites are his YouTube videos.  He has such excellent topics and his points are always spot on.  Since he’s big on applying Catholicism to the culture, he does a lot of movie reviews and commentaries on current events.

Check out the website here: Word on Fire

And here’s his YouTube channel: Bishop-elect Robert Barron


Highlight Wednesday: Movie to Movement

For this week’s Highlight Wednesday, I wanted to share one of my favorite pro-life films, as well as the organization behind it.  Crescendo is an utterly beautiful short film, a breath of fresh air among all the corny, poorly-done “value” films.  It’s based on a true story, and powerful.  Even though it’s not a blog or website you can keep going back to, it’s so good that you’ll want to keep coming back to the single film, either to inspire yourself or to share with your friends.

The organization which produced it, Movie to Movement, is an awesome movement that supports pro-life films.  I would recommend following them on Facebook or Twitter, where you can get updates on what movies they are supporting and where they will be showing.  They also have a YouTube channel which you can subscribe to, and where you can watch Crescendo for free!

A quick notice, this short film is definitely PG-13, so don’t watch it with any little ones about.

Want to learn more about Movie to Movement and its founder, Jason Jones?  Here’s a really good interview you can read: Jason Jones Launched Movie To Movement To Move Hollywood Toward Positive Storytelling